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Employees only able to bring Employment Claim if they refer the Issue to ACAS first
Friday, 07 March 2014 08:09

From the 6 April 2014 employees will generally only be able to bring an employment tribunal claim if they have referred the issue to Acas first.

Sweeping changes to the Tribunal system will mean that from 6 April early conciliation will be available, and for tribunal claims lodged on or after 6 May, conciliation will be compulsory.

The reforms, when viewed in conjunction with the recent introduction of tribunal fees, are an attempt to move from an adversarial process to a conciliatory legal process.

These changes will surely result in less tribunal claims and more mediated settlements which should benefit both employees and employers.

Andrew Moody of Retail Motor Law said, ‘I believe these changes will place greater importance on the employer obtaining advice prior to taking any action to ensure the appropriate procedure is followed.’ Moody went on to say ‘The mediator is likely to consider whether the correct procedure has been followed during the conciliation process and if the employer has followed a fair procedure they will be in a much stronger negotiating position.’

We wait to see how Acas will act in order to ensure early conciliation is a success


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