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Do we need to pay a Parking Charge Notice?
Monday, 11 July 2016 09:26

Recently we received a parking charge relating to a courtesy car. Ideally we should know who was using the car at the time when the charge was received but we have checked and we cannot identify who was in charge of the vehicle.

The car was parked in a free shopping centre car park at the time but was straddling two bays and apparently even though it is free to park in the car park they can issue tickets if you don’t park within the marked bays.

Do we need to pay the Parking Charge Notice?


Are Risk Assessments really necessary?
Monday, 04 July 2016 08:31

The workshop manager has a real issue with health and safety and believes that the industry has gone health and safety mad; he sees no reason to do risk assessments.
I have tried to explain the reason why we want to take care and ensure employees are trained in even basic issues but he is obstructive when we start to speak about risk assessments.
Are they really necessary? If so how do I deal with this manager?

In response to your first question is health and safety necessary, the simple answer is yes.


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