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The effect of Brexit
Monday, 27 June 2016 09:36

After the turmoil over Brexit has eventually settled, will Brexit make employing people easier?

A significant proportion of the UK’s employment law comes from the EU and leaving will undoubtedly have an impact upon employment law, some of the areas of employment law that flow from the EU include;
  • Discrimination rights
  • Collective Consultation obligations
  • Transfer of undertakings regulations (TUPE)
  • Family leave
  • Working Time Regulations, and
  • Duties to Agency Workers
Do I have to give employment references?
Monday, 20 June 2016 08:45

An employee has left and I received a request for a reference, I don't want to give him one because he was not very good and I am glad he has gone. Do  I have to give him a reference?

There is usually no requirement to provide a reference. However some employers do agree to provide a reference and occasionally when an employer has agreed to provide a reference this agreement can be included within the employment contract, which would entitle the employee to claim breach of contract if you fail to fulfill what has been agreed.


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