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Car Dealer turns 'blind eye' to misleading adverts..
Monday, 14 November 2016 14:03

A car dealer who turned a blind eye to misleading adverts and selling dangerous cars on the internet is ordered to pay nearly £10,000 by Truro magistrates.

Following a two day trial the previous week, on 19 October 2016 Truro Magistrates found Jacqueline Hall of Scorrier Vehicle Sales near Redruth guilty of offences relating to advertising cars which were not in the condition described and an instance where a vehicle was found to be in a dangerous condition, despite being available for sale.

The offences took place between January and July 2015, four of which involved the advertising of various cars on a website, describing them as;

  • in excellent condition,
  • driving very well,
  • in lovely overall condition, and
  • with a new MoT.
Data Protection Leaks
Monday, 31 October 2016 14:29

Our workshop supervisor discovered a supplier’s delivery driver writing down the registration numbers of the vehicles we are repairing. When we asked him what he was doing he said that it was part of his duties to record a number of registration numbers each week for his employer.

Over recent weeks we have had a number of mysterious data leaks with customers complaining that we have leaked their data which we have not, could this be our data leak?

What can we do?


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