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Tyre explosion seriously injures worker
Monday, 17 October 2016 13:43

A tyre maintenance company has been fined after a tyre exploded seriously injuring a worker.

Nottingham Crown Court heard an employee of Tyre Maintenance Limited went to the waste and recycling centre in Beeston on 24 September to replace tyres on an excavator. It was during the process of removing two split rim tyres from the vehicle, that there was a violent explosion of the inner of the two wheels on the front nearside of the vehicle.

Repairing cars at home for cash
Monday, 10 October 2016 10:09

An employee has always undertaken ‘Govy Jobs’ (private repairs at home), however the house next door to him has new owners and they have said that they will complain if he doesn’t stop.

My employee says that he is not doing anything wrong and there is nothing they can do, I am not so sure, what do you think?


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