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The RML TeamRML delivers industry specific, legal consultancy and advice to businesses operating within the Retail Motor Industry.

Unlike some other legal consultancy firms within the retail motor industry we employ Barristers and Solicitors to ensure that any advice given is to the highest standards.

However our motor vehicle knowledge does not start and end with the law. Uniquely, we also employ our own in-house automotive engineer assessor to ensure that disputes in relation to vehicle failures are fully understood by our legal experts who are then able to provide clear accurate advice.

We also have a qualified Lecturer who is able to determine, design and deliver training solutions tailored to your particular business needs, and an ADR accredited Mediator specialising in motor vehicle mediations.

Also to support the legal experts in employment matters we have a dedicated HR advisor with recognised IPD professional qualifications, with over 12 years experience providing HR solutions in multi faceted environments.


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