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RML provides advice and assistance to bodyshops throughout England and Wales.

Along with employment law and HR advice, which is a common problem facing repairers, RML has assisted repairers to understand their legal obligations when signing Approved Repairer Agreements. With little or no access to quality and cost effective legal advice most repairers historically signed these agreements.

Many repairers have benefited from RML deciphering and negotiating amendments to Approved Repairer Agreements.

RML enables repairers to obtain effective legal advice, when needed, in numerous areas. These include, equipment issues with suppliers (incorrectly supplied or equipment failures), disposal of uncollected vehicles, general customer problems, and a variety of business issues including the recovery of excess and VAT payments.

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Our team are ready to answer any question you have on body repair law.

Below are some common areas we get asked about by RML subscription members.


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