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Customers on the whole are becoming more demanding, not only in relation to the quality of the product, which is often taken for granted, but their expectations in relation to how problems are resolved is often very high and on occasions unrealistic.

Companies such as Marks and Spencer and Tesco have raised customer expectations, if the goods purchased are not to the customer’s satisfaction, or if the customer simply changes his/her mind, then they expect to receive a refund.

This has led to customers developing a misunderstanding of their statutory rights, customers are not statutorily entitled to refunds if they change their mind following the purchase.

The combination of these and other issues has resulted in a sharp increase in complaints relating to the transport sector over recent years.

In August 2005 the Office of Fair Trading recorded 35,007 complaints from the transport sector[1]. In the period between January 2006 and December 2006, Consumer Direct recorded 123,663 complaints relating to the Transport sector[2] the vast majority of these complaints related to the Motor Vehicle Industry.


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