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The Recovery Industry is currently undergoing a major transformation with the reduction in the number of operators and the issuing of highly competitive contracts with larger areas.

Like it or not the industry is changing and RML is helping recovery operators to manage this change as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our experience has shown that it is essential that our members are made aware of the content of the contracts that they enter into. If you do not know what a contracts requires it is virtually impossible to fulfil your contractual obligations.

Our members have been shocked at the numerous indemnity clauses within contracts. Do you know what you have agreed to supply?

We not only advise on contracts there are numerous legal issues arising in the Recovery industry.

Today's professional recovery operator is highly skilled and invests heavily in the latest vehicles and equipment to provide the safety and efficiency expected by today's society. However whilst having the correct equipment is vital the ability to manage the employee who is in control of the equipment cannot be over estimated.

RML also provides advice and assistance in HR and employment issues, in assisting our members we have encountered many different employment problems. We assist our member’s comply with current employment legislation and minimise the risk of a tribunal claim.

If a claim is commenced then we are here to steer them through this process. RML can provide advice, when needed, in several Motor Industry specific areas. These include dealing with Supplier problems (incorrectly supplied equipment or equipment failures), disposal of uncollected vehicles, and a variety of business issues including the recovery of bad debts.

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