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RML is not able to provide you with legal advice; however you may be able to obtain advice from these organisations.
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1   Link   Motor Claim Guru Ltd
Motor Claim Guru, is a 'one stop shop' designed to provide you with all the information, guidance and tools you need in order to make a motor insurance claim and ensure you are being treated fairly by an insurer.
2   Link   Consumer Direct
Our regionally based advisors are specially trained to give practical advice on all kinds of consumer issues - from problems with cars to faulty household appliances.

Call us today: 08454 04 05 06
minicom users 08451 28 13 84
3   Link   Trading Standards
On these pages you can find information that's useful to consumers.

• There are advice leaflets you can read on-line, print or save to read later
• Test your consumer skills with our weekly quiz
4   Link   Road Traffic Accidents
Finally if you require information as a result of a road traffic accident we recommend that you contact WINN Solicitors
5   Link   Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
Citizens Advice Bureaux provide free, confidential and independent advice from over 3,000 locations including in bureaux, GP surgeries, hospitals, colleges, prisons and courts.
6   Link   Find a local solicitor
This section contains our searchable database to help you find a solicitor, advice on what to expect, guides to common legal problems and what to do if things go wrong.

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