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Our new employee believes we should alter our premises to assist disabled customers; I thought this only applied to large employers, are we required to make changes?

There is a requirement for providers of goods, facilities and services not to treat disabled persons less favourably than they would treat a person who is not disabled.  As indicated by your new employee, service providers must make 'reasonable adjustments' to allow a disabled person to use their services.

We have been contacted by a training  provider regarding taking on an apprentice, is there anything I need to be aware of?

The simple answer to your question is yes, there are a considerable number of issues that can arise when an apprentice is appointed. However many of your concerns will no doubt be answered by speaking with the training provider who will have encountered similar issues in the past.

The two principle issues you should consider are health and safety implications and the nature of the contract you will enter into with the apprentice.

Our Estimator is agreeing lower labour rates with insurers. Some insurers still think we can repair vehicles for the rates we worked on 40 years ago. The estimator has been told several times by insurers that we are the only one wanting to charge this rate in our area. How can I make sure the estimator agrees reasonable rates?

Any advice would be much appreciated?