Motorhome and Caravan Dealers are a segment of the retail motor industry so often overlooked.motorhome

RML appreciates that on occasions issues can arise with customers who purchase these complex vehicles. We assist our members by advising on the legal position when a problem first arises.

Being involved at the beginning enables RML to provide timely advice which allows you to decide how best to deal with your customer.

Our professionally drafted letters protect your business and allow your employees to concentrate upon their primary function.

By offering your employee access to RML you will also be able to demonstrate that as an employer you are seeking to support your employees. Access to RML can help remove stress from your management team. Removing stress from the working environment should be a priority for all employers due to the rising cost of absences related to Stress.

Stress related absence can also result in HR and Employment Law issues, RML subscription also allows access to advice in these areas.

RML can provide advice, when needed, in several Motor Industry specific areas. These include dealing with Supplier problems (incorrectly supplied equipment or equipment failures), disposal of uncollected vehicles, and a variety of business issues including the recovery of bad debts.


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