RML is often asked to provide an opinion on legal problems. However on occasions we are simply asked for an independent point of view. Senior managers, owners and directors appreciate that they can call and ‘bounce an idea off’ someone who will give an honest and none business political opinion.

Other Services to which RML members benefit include:

  • Bad Debt

We are frequently asked to recover bad debts, and as the industry realigns in the face of difficult trading times RML is often recovering bad debts for its members. This is service is included within our subscription, there is no additional charge.

We are frequently instructed to recover unpaid excess and VAT payments for members within the body repair industry.

  • Service Contracts

We also read and provide advice on contracts with service providers, telephones, computers etc. We can provide advice as to how to conclude contracts as efficiently as possible with suppliers e.g. terminating cleaning companies.

  • Risk Assessment 

If required we can also assess our member’s exposure to potential legal issues, such as trading standards, corporate manslaughter even employment litigation.